Allagash Brewing Company: Little Grove



Allagash Brewing Company wanted to appeal to the hard-seltzer-loving community and offer something more in line with a rosé or wine spritzer. Our challenge was making this new offering look and feel connected to the established brand while standing out on shelves as its own product in a new category for Allagash.


  • Creative Strategy
  • Line Logo Identity
  • Packaging Creative
  • Packaging Production


We were thrilled to partner again with Allagash and create a new look to capture to entice younger audiences and low-ABV beer drinkers. Say hello to Little Grove: Allagash’s low-calorie, low-alcohol sparkling, fruited session ale.

Little Grove launched with two flavors: blackcurrant and peach & kombucha. We tapped into the ingredients for inspiration and used a bright color palette to speak to the essence of ripe fruit, tartness, and fizz in every sip. Hoping to catch the eye of more than just craft beer enthusiasts, we wanted Little Grove’s look to feel like it drank: a summery, refreshing sparkling beverage. 

Launched during the pandemic to help support Allagash when bars and restaurants were closed, Little Grove’s wave design allows Allagash a flexible system to build out more flavors and colors as this line grows.