Allagash Brewing Company: Allagash White



Our first partnership with Allagash came with a big ask: transform their iconic, best-selling beer that launched the company, Allagash White, from bottles to cans. This evolution for this special beer meant making the beer easier to transport and share, expanding the reach of a beer that put Allagash on the map. 

Our challenge was to maintain brand equity while driving a more modern, streamlined look and feel on the shelf.


  • Creative Strategy
  • Packaging Creative
  • Packaging Production


The Allagash team leveraged our expertise in brand evolutions to take the design from a bottle label to a fully printed can.

Our approach for revamping their flagship beer, Allagash White, was to pay homage to the original while engaging a younger audience and canned beer drinkers. Our final look, crafted across the 12 oz., 16 oz., and 19.2 oz. cans and the carrying case for the 6-pack of bottles and 12-pack of cans, is an immersive experience taken from the original: The same Allagash River remains the central iconography, but now, with a new perspective and a new vantage point.

We wanted to change the view for The Most-Awarded Belgian-Style Witbier in the World by ushering in a new era for this classic. It’s symbolic of where the beer has been and where it will continue to grow and expand.