Vermont Creamery: Social Campaign



Hacking the Holidays

In an ever-crowded social feed during the holiday season, Vermont Creamery sought out ways to break through the noise by helping audiences hack the holidays, eliminating the stress that goes into hosting. While highlighting key products like cultured butter, crème fraîche, and fresh goat cheese, the primary goal was to provide utility, guidance, and reassurance to help consumers associate Vermont Creamery with a stress-free holiday.


  • Campaign Strategy Development
  • Digital Content Shoot
  • Organic Social Media Content
  • Paid Media Creative

A Fraîche Take On Entertaining

Pulp+Wire supported Vermont Creamery in the development of custom creative for use across brand-owned social platforms and web throughout the holiday season. This included new photography, static graphic posts, video assets, and templates to house brand-built assets. Unique visual elements including badges, banners, and typeface helped separate campaign content from evergreen content, further communicating its purpose as holiday inspiration.

Vermont Creamery was armed with a suite of assets to leverage across Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest, both organically and via paid media. In addition to core assets developed for each holiday season (2022 and 2023), assets were further customized to speak to retailer availability, encouraging audiences to shop at Whole Foods or find a retailer near them.

The Holidays, Refined

Following 2022’s focus on hacking the holidays, Pulp+Wire took an approach exploring the concept of refinement in all its definitions across expressions of annual holiday celebrations. From introducing a contemporary visual aesthetic across assets and relishing in the idea of slow living during a fast-paced season, to the connections drawn between the appeal of our process and products to cultivation of a refined palate and the gooey, satisfying indulgence that showed off our refined tastes, creative took on a more vibrant, unexpected aesthetic for 2023.