Vermont Creamery: Butter Packaging



A few years into its acquisition by Land O’ Lakes, Vermont Creamery was positioning itself for accelerated growth by tightening its core offerings while expanding into the dairy case. A certified B-Corp business, Vermont Creamery needed to balance shelf impact while preserving what the brand is known for: small-batch artisanal specialty flavor with a strong mission behind its products.


  • Creative Strategy
  • Packaging Creative
  • Packaging Production


Land O’ Lakes brought us in to evolve Vermont Creamery’s cultured butter design language, through wide-ranging design explorations and a deep, iterative process, while aiming to keep the equity this 54-million dollar brand has earned.

We crafted customized iconography on cultured butter as an opportunity to drive deeper education for consumers who didn’t know what cultured butter is or what it tastes like. A clear hierarchy of information paired with a large brand masthead and ownable color blocking helped the brand stand out in the crowded yellow and gold packaged dairy case. 

The final result was packaging with a hand-crafted, appetizing, and premium feel for a company with a mission of promoting environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and consciously crafting delicious dairy, made from high-quality ingredients.

With strategic thought and bold design, we successfully breathed life into their cultured butter line, meeting the brand’s goals for growth and differentiation in the competitive dairy market.

The creative changeover resulted in double digit growth in both volume and velocity: 13% and 19%, respectively.
"Pulp+Wire has been an integral part of our brand evolution. Their expert design work and strong strategic counsel helped elevate how consumers experience our brand on-shelf and online. We are happy to count Pulp+Wire as a highly skilled and capable extension of our internal team here in Vermont."

- Lauren Sanderson, Asst. Brand Manager