The Honest Kitchen: Meaty Treats + Cookies



The Honest Kitchen approached us with a multifaceted challenge regarding their Meaty Treats and Cookie Treats lines. They expressed concerns that the products didn’t exude the premium and special feel they desired. Additionally, the design language felt overly busy, lacking the simplicity and sophistication necessary to stand out in the market. Moreover, the product lines lacked cohesiveness, resulting in a disjointed brand experience for consumers.

The challenge: Enhancing perceived value and cohesiveness.


  • Creative Strategy
  • Packaging Creative
  • Packaging Production


We embarked on a mission to refine The Honest Kitchen’s Meaty Treats and Cookie Treats lines. We streamlined the design language, opting for a cleaner and more elegant aesthetic that exuded premium quality. By reducing visual clutter and employing a carefully curated color palette and typography, we created packaging that felt both elevated and approachable.

To address the lack of cohesiveness, we implemented a cohesive design strategy across both product lines. This included consistent messaging, imagery, and design elements to tie the Meaty Treats and Cookie Treats together under The Honest Kitchen brand umbrella. 

The result? A harmonious blend of simplicity, elegance, and premium appeal that heightened the perceived value of the products while fostering a cohesive brand experience for consumers.