The Honest Kitchen: Cat



The Honest Kitchen tapped us for a second, transformative journey, seeking to establish a new identity within the cat food market. Our challenge was threefold: Firstly, to create a fresh look for The Honest Kitchen’s cat line, positioning it as a leader in feline nutrition. Secondly, we needed to develop a unified yet distinct design across multiple categories within the line, ensuring each product stood out while maintaining brand coherence. Lastly, we aimed to strike a delicate balance between natural and functional elements, crafting a brand that appealed to both feline health and the discerning tastes of cat owners.


  • Line Strategy & Positioning
  • Creative Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Packaging Creative
  • Packaging Production


With the mission of creating a new cat brand experience under The Honest Kitchen umbrella, we executed a strategic approach that revolutionized The Honest Kitchen’s cat line. 

We designed packaging that not only represented a leap forward in cat food aesthetics but also earned its place in the modern pet pantry. By integrating natural motifs and sleek design elements, we struck the perfect balance between functionality and visual appeal.

The revamped cat line, across 5 categories and over 20 unique SKUs, resonated with retailers, who were eager to showcase the cohesive product set. This unified approach not only elevated The Honest Kitchen’s brand presence but also expanded its market share in the cat food industry. Through innovative packaging and a clear brand narrative, The Honest Kitchen solidified its position as a trusted provider of premium feline nutrition.