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Legendary Salmon to Believe In

The internet is full of loud opinions, outdated studies, and straight up misinformation when it comes to farmed salmon and aquaculture as a whole. To combat this, Secret Island Salmon wished to set the record straight, identify the myths, and highlight how Secret Island is not only upholding commendable standards as recognized by Best Aquaculture Practices, but also addressing the very real problem of feeding a growing global population.


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F*** IT.

Pulp+Wire developed a campaign concept asking people to “F*** IT,” shedding light on the fact that farming is not a dirty word when it comes to choosing the source for salmon. In addition to spotlighting a series of blog posts outlining the benefits of Secret Island’s approach to advancing aquaculture, Pulp+Wire also developed a campaign landing page and social media content strategy focused primarily on TikTok to bring the idea to life.

“A lot of the questions and concerns about farmed salmon are based on data sets or half truths or myths about when aquaculture started in the 70s and 80s. So much has changed, but a lot of brands have not said to consumers, ‘Let’s bring you up to speed.’ It is our brand’s opportunity to bring them up to speed with the right information so they can make an educated choice on whether they prefer to eat wild or farmed salmon – or both.”

– Daniel del Coro, Head of U.S. Business Development– Daniel Del Coro, Head of U.S. Business Development for Secret Island, as featured in Marketing Dive

Driving Impact While Communicating Our Mission

Over the course of the campaign, Pulp+Wire successfully established a creative platform that would go on to serve the brand beyond this initial push. In assessing the first month’s performance, the content that rose to the surface were the videos in which we were dispelling common myths about farmed salmon, highlighting the truth, and showcasing how Secret Island is striving to further the advancement of aquaculture in the Chilean Patagonia region.

These F***ers Raise Some Legendary Salmon
Leveraging trending creative cues on TikTok, developing The Salmon Man’s personality, and being authentic to the brand’s mission were central components driving the success of campaign creative.