RIND Snacks



RIND Snacks approached us with a unique challenge: to redefine the fruit snacking experience by embracing simplicity and authenticity.

Lead by a New York City-based venture capital manager who had the vision to take a big bite out of a global healthy snack market projected to reach $32B by 2025, the brand sought to allow the essence of real fruit with the skin-on to shine through.

What better way than to create products that use the whole fruit and the nutritional benefits that come with such a bold choice for the shelves. We worked with RIND to create a brand that lets the product speak for itself and its no-frills focus put the spotlight squarely on the natural beauty of its sweet and sour superstars.


  • Brand Identity
  • Creative Strategy
  • Packaging Creative
  • Packaging Production
  • Website Creative
  • Website Development


Bright, colorful designs focused exclusively on skin-on fruit products reinforced the less-is-more RIND story, while simple shifts in background colors and star ingredients called attention to the new SKUs that continue to revitalize the brand.

We continued to prioritize simplicity and authenticity in RIND Snacks’ packaging with each new product launch. We crafted designs that utilized negative space thoughtfully, allowing the vibrant colors and textures of real fruit to take center stage amidst. This design strategy was also carried through to the brand’s website, social content and sales collateral.

Since 2020, our creative work, via innovation, campaigns, and evolution to the core brand, has helped the brand expand from 1,000 doors to over 10,000 today. Additionally, in Whole Foods alone, RIND’s leading SKU is garnering significant awareness and is on track to reach 166% growth in sales.

"I’ve been fortunate to work with Taja and Pulp+Wire since 2017 when RIND was just an idea. The team’s talents, creative instincts and ‘can-do’ attitude have been the perfect fit for our fast-growing brand across all projects, large and small. Beyond their professionalism and creative ‘chops’, they’re just an awesome, fun and friendly group that have become a seamless addition to our team in many ways."

- Matt Weiss, Founder & CEO