RIND Snacks: Social Content



Keep It Real. Eat the Peel.

To help address the growing problem of food waste in the world, Rind developed a line of dried fruit snacks utilizing the typically discarded, edible peels that ordinarily make up about 15% of annual food waste. The brand began with a clear mission in mind, working to provide healthy snacking options while limiting its consumption footprint in the world. To help communicate this mission, RIND enlisted the help of Pulp+Wire to develop a visual perspective and engaging social content.


  • Social Media Strategy
  • Creative Direction Development
  • Content Shot Planning
  • Content Photography
  • Organic Social Media Content

Evolving Our Creative Vision Along With the Brand

Upon initially partnering with RIND to develop social content, Pulp+Wire took a lifestyle-driven approach, showcasing usage occasions and snacking cues to help audiences see how to incorporate Rind into their routines. Over time, as the brand grew, this approach evolved in a number of ways to capture the playful spirit and brand story that RIND had to share. 

With creator partners and in-house content teams contributing to the lifestyle component, Pulp+Wire was given the opportunity to explore unexpected creative avenues that would bring as simple an idea as upcycling fruit peels to life while providing audiences with craveable inspiration.

Filling the Feed With Flavor

By showcasing Rind in a bolder, more playful light, Pulp+Wire was able to bring the brand’s mission to life in ways that went far beyond product flatlay photos. By dialing up the creativity, we were able to explore the full lifecycle that each ingredient in Rind takes, showcasing ripe, juicy fruits paired with their dried counterparts – each delicious in their own way.