ElleVet, a clinically-proven CBD dog and cat supplement company, sought our expertise from the inception of their brand. The challenge encompassed advising on naming, messaging, brand development, and refining packaging iterations and web design over the years. The task was to consistently enhance the brand’s identity and communication, reflecting its commitment to providing clinically-proven, and highly effective supplements for pets.


  • Strategy & Positioning
  • Brand Identity
  • Creative Strategy
  • Packaging Creative
  • Brand Messaging
  • Packaging Photography
  • Packaging Production
  • Website Creative
  • Website Development
  • Social Content
  • Digital and Sales Collateral Creative


Our comprehensive solution for ElleVet involved continuous collaboration to refine various aspects of the brand. From naming and messaging to brand development and multiple iterations of packaging, we aimed to communicate the brand’s commitment to clinically-proven CBD supplements. The ongoing refinement of the web design ensured a seamless online experience for customers. The result is a brand that has evolved over the years, maintaining its core values and clinical credibility while adapting to the dynamic landscape of the pet supplement industry.