We Are .1%

What does that mean?

At Pulp+Wire, we are the .1%: it’s the percentage of creative agencies that are 100% founded by women. Crazy right? When 70% of graduating design students are female and only 3% of those women find roles as creative directors, we know something needs to change.

With brands primarily targeting women by focusing in on their buying decisions, and looking for ways to speak and reach women with branding and marketing, why aren’t women leading the discussion on how to speak to other women? Brands need fearless teams (both men and women) behind their brands, helping them navigate messaging in an authentic manner. Together we can all rise, evolve and brand better. But until then, let’s foster the growth of women in the creative industry, encourage entrepreneurship, and put them on the path to creative roles.

On a personal note, I started Pulp+Wire over 15 years ago as a creative frustrated with how the conversation between brand and designer was too segmented. There had to be a better way, less black-and-white; a more colorful approach when working with brands. I wanted real relationships with the brands I worked with, I wanted to feel ownership in the wins, and seek creative solutions when we needed pivot course. Today, we are internationally recognized not only for our creative thinking but also for our ease of conversation, problem-solving, creative execution and brand growth. I don’t believe in saying no; I believe in always finding a path forward. And I founded my company all this by myself, as a woman, with two kids, and a very supportive homemaker husband. And other women with grit, drive, passion, and determination can do it too.

Thank you, from the .1%. We hope to be both an inspiration to others and a driving factor in changing the course of the future of women in design.

– Taja Dockendorf, Pulp+Wire Founder & Owner


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