Alison Evans & Chloe Bergson

The Alchemy of Sayso

Alison Evans and Chloe Bergson are the Co-founders of Sayso, a premium cocktail company offering tea bag cocktails. After meeting at Harvard Business School and bonding over their shared love of food and drink, Alison and Chloe noticed a lack of homemade cocktail options. They began experimenting w [more...]
Charlie Weisman

The Alchemy of Meet Your Staff

Charlie Weisman is the Founder of Staff, which reimagines household items with bold colors, unique materials, and pleasing characters. After being stuck in a tiny New York City apartment during the pandemic, he founded Staff with the mission of bringing joy to the mundane. The disruptive launch of [more...]
Saskia Sorrosa

The Alchemy of Fresh Bellies

Saskia Sorrosa is the Founder and CEO of Fresh Bellies, which produces savory snacks focused on combating childhood obesity. By offering vegetables without added sugar and seasoning with Latin-inspired herbs and spices, Fresh Bellies helps shape nutritional preferences early to encourage healthier [more...]
Kaitlin Mogentale | Pulp Pantry

The Alchemy of Pulp Pantry

Kaitlin Mogentale is the Founder and CEO of Pulp Pantry, an upcycled food brand transforming fruit and vegetable juice pulp into nutritious, convenient snacks. With a passion for sustainability, she founded Pulp Pantry to reduce food waste and promote a sustainable future. As a Shark Tank veteran, [more...]
Adam Brown

The Alchemy of Adam Brown

Adam Brown is the Founder and President of Sircle Media, a social media strategy firm. In his role, he works with CPG, beverage, and spirit brands to help them navigate social media strategies and execution. Adam is also an investor and advisor for several CPG brands including Actual Veggies, RIND [more...]
Briana Warner

The Alchemy of Atlantic Sea Farms

Briana Warner is the CEO of Atlantic Sea Farms, which creates innovative products from sustainably-farmed sea greens. In 2022, the brand received the Fast Company Brands That Matter award. As CEO, Briana has forged a path for seaweed aquaculture by working with fishermen to grow and create national [more...]
Ashley Albert

The Alchemy of Ashley Albert

Ashley Albert is the Founder of The Matzo Project, an artisanal cracker company manufacturing traditional Jewish snacks. As the 10th-best female shuffleboard player in the world, she is also the Founder of The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club, where she has introduced hundreds of thousands of new shuf [more...]
Sarah Wallace

The Alchemy of Beans

Sarah Wallace is the Founder and CEO of The Good Bean, a female-owned business making tasty and nutritious bean protein snacks. Through the acquisition of Beanitos chips, The Good Bean has become one of the largest bean-based brands in the country. Born and raised in India, Sarah is passionate abou [more...]
Kevin McCray

Alchemy of Kevin’s Natural Foods

Kevin McCray is the Co-founder and COO of Kevin’s Natural Foods, a line of healthy entrées, sauces, and seasoning blends making clean eating taste delicious and align with busy lifestyles. He began as COO of CalChef Foods before forming a partnership with renowned entrepreneur Dan Costa and crea [more...]

The Alchemy of Before

Steve Thorp is the Co-founder and CEO of Before Self Care Company, which manufactures custom, dentist-approved toothpaste made with clean ingredients and packaged in a 100% recyclable plant-based tube. As a serial entrepreneur, he has founded many influential brands, including Postmark Brewing and [more...]