Featured on The Dieline: Serenity Acres Farm Goat’s Milk Soap

Head on down to Serenity Acres Farm and you might just be lucky enough to meet Frodo, Cocopuff, Dorothy, or Luna. No, this isn’t an amusement park or Middle Earth, this is the home where Serenity Acres Farm soap is created.

Our team designed the packaging for the cruelty-free and all-natural goat-milk soaps with a strong focus on storytelling to connect with the audience. And to tell the story well we knew we had to meet the lead characters in person. Taja Dockendorf, Pulp+Wire’s owner and our creative leader, and Sara Rosario, Art Director, headed down to Julia and Wayne Shewchuck’s Florida farm to truly understand the brand, their values, and their operation.


That visit resulted in the quartet of whimsical portraits featured on Serenity Acres Farm soap packages, containers that create a literal unfolding story of ‘Frodo,’ ‘Cocopuff,’ ‘Dorothy,’ and ‘Luna.’ They’re just a few of the goats that produce the milk for the 15 scented soaps in the Serenity line.

Craft-business owners’ stories can inspire incredible brand loyalty, but Taja learned upon meeting Julia and Wayne, that their goats deserved the starring role in their story, so we designed a package with as few touch points as possible in its production, sidestepping the need for glues and stickers by taking an origami-style approach to its construction.

A scent profile is the prologue that starts each packaged soap’s story, printed on an outer flap with a circular cutout that reveals its featured furry friend. The flap’s back details the goat’s profile, complete with breed, astrological sign, parental lineage, and favorite quote. The whole construction then butterflies open to reveal the bar inside, along with more information on the fully unfolded panels about the farm the goats call home.


The illustrations of goats–done by Katie Bernier, Designer + Illustrator–on the packaging don’t just advertise the product, but are characters in the story that we aim to tell. By including a detailed profile about the goat (complete with fun information), buyers feel more connected to the brand and it helps to set each soap variety apart. Each soap has an image of a wooden fence on the front, along with lush fields in the background, reminding consumers of the cruelty-free origin of the product’s ingredients.

We know you may not be as lucky as Taja to get the chance to meet the Serenity Acres Farm goats in person. Luckily, our packaging can bring a bit of these soap superstars to you!

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