The Brand Alchemist Capsule Series: The Past & Future State of CPG—Part 4

The Brand Alchemist Capsule Series: The Past & Future State of CPG—Part 4

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Andrea Popova is the Co-founder and CEO of the Consumer Packaged Goods Directory, a hub for emerging consumer brands and the resources to build them. In her role, she builds product-driven solutions to help brands grow. As a chief growth officer, advisor, and investor in CPG brands, Andrea has experience leading cross-functional projects at high-growth startups, including Jet, Walmart, Prose, and Facebook. She is also a Product Growth Analyst at Meta, a Limited Partner at Rose Street Capital, and an Advisor at Buoy.

Jessica Deseo is a Partner at Dieline, the leading bespoke media brand for consumer packaging and brands. In 2019, Jessica and her Dieline business partner acquired Print Magazine, a bimonthly magazine on visual culture and design, where she serves as a Partner and Co-chief Creative Director. She has worked as a professional hands-on designer for a variety of notable brands since 2005. Jessica is also an Associate Professor at ArtCenter College of Design, where her students’ work has received multiple awards and recognitions in package design.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Andrea Popova shares her CPG background and how she advises brands
  • Last year’s hype cycles and this year’s opportunities for brands
  • How consumers are discovering sustainable packaging
  • Tips and tricks for building brand communities
  • What are brands’ omnichannel and fundraising strategies for 2023?
  • Jessica Deseo talks about Dieline’s backstory and how she keeps the CPG space current
  • How can brands implement sustainable packaging?
  • Future trends in branding and packaging

In this episode…

Innovation, collaboration, and community are taking the CPG space by storm as brands attempt to navigate rising customer acquisition costs and other fluctuations. So, what are brands doing to stay ahead in the new year, and what can you observe from their efforts?

Andrea Popova notes that brands are building robust communities to develop omnichannel engagement strategies and reach target audiences. You can establish and strengthen a community for your brand by developing a social media presence, launching relevant products, and cultivating partnerships to create informative and personalized content. As an observer of sustainable and upcycled packaging, Jessica Deseo recommends collaborating with other brands to find innovative new materials to package your products. She explains how it’s easier for smaller brands to leverage sustainability in their packaging since they don’t have to navigate as many regulations.

Tune in to this episode of the Brand Alchemist Podcast for the final segment of the “Brand Alchemist Capsule Series” as Taja Dockendorf interviews Andrea Popova of CPGD and Jessica Deseo of The Dieline. Together, they talk about future innovation in the CPG industry. They also discuss how consumers are discovering sustainable packaging, tips and tricks for building brand communities, and future trends in branding and packaging.

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