The Brand Alchemist Capsule Series: The Past & Future State of CPG—Part 1

The Brand Alchemist Capsule Series: The Past & Future State of CPG—Part 1

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Zach DeAngelo is the Founder, CEO, and Investor at Rodeo CPG, a product and services firm designed to help innovative brands in the CPG space scale effectively. Rodeo’s tools and top-notch team allow CPG innovation leaders to build, scale, and sell their products with better productivity. Zach builds an action-based ecosystem to solve the largest structural problems in the CPG industry. Before founding Rodeo, he was the CEO of P&L, Finance, Operations, and Sales at Kalot Superfood.

Jessi Freitag is the Podcast Host and Producer at Startup CPG, a launchpad and community for emerging brands providing resources, connections, and opportunities to break into the industry. In her role, she uncovers the stories behind today’s youngest brands and industry leaders. Jessi is also a productivity and workflow freelancer — she specializes in helping individuals and teams enhance organization through consulting, tutoring, and building custom-designed setup systems.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Zach DeAngelo talks about his professional background, founding Rodeo CPG, and how the company helps startup brands scale
  • The challenges in the CPG space throughout 2022 and emerging opportunities and trends brands should consider
  • How technology impacts brand launch, management, and growth
  • Adopting an omnichannel approach to increase brand awareness
  • Zach’s advice for launching and scaling a brand in 2023
  • Jessi Freitag discusses Startup CPG’s mission and her role as podcast host
  • Jessi’s resources for brand success

In this episode…

In 2022, the CPG space experienced major growth and development in key areas, including innovation, technology, and consumer behavior. Yet, economic instability and supply chain shortages have made it difficult for brands to adapt to these changes. As 2023 begins, what opportunities should you consider, and how can you pivot to stay abreast of emerging trends?

As CPG growth consultant Zach DeAngelo observes, the emergence of delivery services and other platforms has revolutionized how startup brands launch and grow. With innovative new products and brands, consumers are becoming increasingly savvy. Zach says to analyze consumer data to understand and target their behavior, and both he and Jessi Freitag emphasize the importance of developing an omnichannel strategy to broaden your awareness. Jessi recommends testing multiple strategies to find an ideal solution for your brand.

Join Taja Dockendorf in this episode of the Brand Alchemist Podcast for the first installment of the “Brand Alchemist Capsule Series.” She talks with Zach DeAngelo of Rodeo CPG and Jessi Freitag of Startup CPG about current and future CPG trends. They also discuss the challenges in the CPG space for 2022, how technology impacts brand launch, management, and growth, and provide advice and resources for launching and scaling a brand in 2023.

Resources mentioned in this episode: