The Alchemy of TUYYO

The Alchemy of TUYYO

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Stefanie Garcia Turner is the Founder and CEO of TUYYO, a modern line of Hispanic food and beverages made with natural ingredients. With nearly two decades of experience in the natural products industry, she has helped hundreds of brands scale in various roles, including procurement, supplier business development, and sales and distribution management. As an advocate for good food systems, Stefanie has spoken at events like the USDA Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food initiative and is a member of the nonprofit organization Slow Food.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Stefanie Garcia Turner shares the origins of TUYYO and her love of agua fresca
  • How Stefanie developed natural, instant agua fresca and coffee beverages
  • The challenges of positioning culturally diverse food and beverages in the market
  • Stefanie’s experience building and scaling a female and minority-owned brand
  • TUYYO’s growth trajectory — and how Stefanie navigates the growth cycle
  • The evolution of TUYYO’s consumer base and its impact on product innovation
  • What are Stefanie’s greatest growth lessons and successes?

In this episode…

Innovative CPG brands are paving the way for diverse products that introduce consumers to bold new flavors and cultures. But when certain consumer demographics aren’t familiar with the product line, launching and positioning the items in the market can be difficult. How can you educate consumers to accelerate product innovation and grow your brand?

Stefanie Garcia Turner’s line of Latin-inspired agua fresca powders gained rapid traction among families with small children and anyone wanting to incorporate a simple, refreshing beverage into their daily routines. But she struggled to market her instant coffee, as the product isn’t widely consumed among American shoppers. When educating consumers on item use, you must determine the ideal sales channel and revise your messaging to attract various demographics. Additionally, partnering with brokers can help you maintain an upward growth trajectory by marketing to specific audiences.

The Founder and CEO of TUYYO, Stefanie Garcia Turner, is Taja Dockendorf’s guest in this episode of the Brand Alchemist Podcast. Together, they discuss Stefanie’s journey as a female and minority business owner launching culturally-diverse beverages. Stefanie also talks about how TUYYO’s consumer base has evolved, her love of agua fresca, and how she developed her beverages.

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