The Alchemy of The Pharmacy Lab

The Alchemy of The Pharmacy Lab

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Serina Hanlon is the Owner of The Pharmacy Lab, a compounding pharmacy specializing in non-sterile compounds. The Pharmacy Lab creates and helps customers personalize medications not commercially available. As a community pharmacy owner for over a decade, Serina is passionate about helping patients find modern medicine while incorporating natural alternatives and lifestyles to promote overall well-being.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Serina Hanlon’s background as a pharmacist and how she built The Pharmacy Lab
  • Common ailments The Pharmacy Lab treats and how the company differs from traditional pharmacies
  • Serina talks about The Pharmacy Lab’s products and ingredients
  • How The Pharmacy Lab customizes trends
  • What is Serina’s creative vision for her company?
  • Advice for launching an innovative business or product

In this episode…

The traditional healthcare system is restrictive, with pharmacies catering primarily to illnesses. In the health and wellness space, there’s an increased demand for natural and holistic care. Serina Hanlon recognized a need for customized care that accommodates diverse lifestyles. Tune in to find out how she fulfills this demand and learn how you can develop a similar business model.

Having been in business only a few weeks, The Pharmacy Lab has already launched products from multiple brands in the health and wellness industry. Serina works with her patients and brands to develop personalized treatment plans for various ailments and health goals. With its unique aesthetic, natural products, and unconventional services, The Pharmacy Lab is revolutionizing traditional pharmaceuticals. If you want to launch a groundbreaking new company or product, Serina says you have to possess a creative mindset, discover a comprehensive want, and determine how to solve it.

In this episode of the Brand Alchemist Podcast, Taja Dockendorf welcomes Serina Hanlon, Owner of The Pharmacy Lab, to discuss her company’s innovative mission. Serina talks about how The Pharmacy Lab differs from traditional pharmacies, her creative vision for the company, and advice for launching an innovative business or product.

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