The Alchemy of Seitan, Pizza, Wings, and Self-Manufacturing 

The Alchemy of Seitan, Pizza, Wings, and Self-Manufacturing 

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Emanuel Storch is the CEO of Blackbird Foods, a plant-based food company producing wholesale and retail seitan, frozen pizza, and plant-based meat. His passion for social entrepreneurship, animal welfare, the environment, and public health inspired Emanuel to found Blackbird. As one of the first team members at Simply Gum, he played an integral role in transforming the small, natural chewing gum startup into a top-selling brand.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Emanuel Storch shares Blackbird Foods’ origin story
  • What is seitan, and how is Blackbird revolutionizing the product for restaurants?
  • The challenges of transitioning from food service to DTC
  • Emanuel discusses how he outperforms competition and spearheads innovation in the plant-based market
  • Blackbird’s self-manufacturing process
  • How Emanuel’s experience as a founding member of Simply Gum informs Blackbird’s brand
  • Strategies for customer engagement in the CPG industry
  • Advice for launching products from concept to fruition

In this episode…

As a CPG brand in a competitive market, it’s often challenging to appeal to consumers and differentiate yourself from your competition. So, how can you bring value to your chosen market from ideation to launch?

As an entrepreneur with a plant-based comfort food brand, Emanuel Storch has developed and honed seitan — a meat-like dough made from wheat protein — for the modern market. Through his self-manufacturing process and distinctive packaging, Emanuel creates high-quality and authentic products that anyone can enjoy, regardless of diet. When bringing your products to market, he recommends focusing on creating a unique brand vision and acquiring consumer feedback to improve your products continuously.

In this episode of the Brand Alchemist Podcast, Taja Dockendorf chats with Emanuel Storch, CEO of Blackbird Foods, about how he has refined his products and processes from conception, to launch, and to scale. Emanuel discusses how Blackbird revolutionizes seitan for restaurants, the challenges of transitioning from food service to DTC, and his company’s self-manufacturing process.

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