The Alchemy of Seafood, Family, and Salmon Burgers

The Alchemy of Seafood, Family, and Salmon Burgers

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Nina Damato is the Managing Partner at Blue Circle Foods, a company that provides consumers with clean, nutritious, 100% traceable seafood using best sustainability practices. Her mother, father, and uncle founded the brand in 2005 with the goal of delivering organic seafood through transparent processes. Nina has held a variety of roles at Blue Circle, including product and supply chain manager. Before joining the company, she was a Special Events Coordinator at the Museum of Modern Art, a Graphics Manager at Studley, and a Development Assistant at Public Art Fund. Nina earned a bachelor’s degree in integrated design curriculum from Parsons School of Design.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Nina Damato discusses Blue Circle Foods’ origins and how she became involved
  • Nina’s creative process for redefining seafood
  • Overcoming the challenges surrounding consumers’ acceptance of seafood
  • What is sustainability and how is Blue Circle revolutionizing the practice?
  • How Blue Circle maintains product innovation
  • Nina’s advice for emerging seafood brands
  • Strategies for creating content to convey brand stories
  • Nina shares her proudest career moment

In this episode…

As a seafood brand, it can be challenging to acquire and retain an enthusiastic customer base. With so much hesitation surrounding this type of food, how can you promote receptiveness among your products?

Nina Damato understands that not everyone enjoys seafood. For this reason, she innovates her products to give consumers unique and convenient ways to experience the dish. With compelling packaging, her salmon burgers and sausages and frozen fish convince even the most reluctant customers. And by implementing sustainable best practices in her cultivation and production process, Nina generates devoted consumers.

In this episode of the Brand Alchemist Podcast, Taja Dockendorf hosts Nina Damato, Managing Partner at Blue Circle Foods, to discuss product innovation for customer trust. Nina shares her creative process for redefining seafood, how she overcomes the challenges surrounding consumers’ acceptance of seafood, and how Blue Circle revolutionizes sustainability.

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