The Alchemy of Reinvention, Gratitude, and Dragons

The Alchemy of Reinvention, Gratitude, and Dragons

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Ramon Vela is the Founder of CommerceFocused Media, which produces The Story of a Brand, a podcast that features DTC, CPG, and omnichannel brands. The podcast has more than 950 episodes, over 700 interviews with brand founders, and tens of thousands of listeners. As The Story of a Brand’s host, Ramon covers various business categories including fashion, health and wellness, personal care, and more. He explores brand stories and introduces consumers to products worth buying and brands worth supporting.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • The inspiration behind The Story of a Brand
  • Ramon Vela’s worst business mistakes and what he learned from them
  • Strategies for combating negativity
  • Ramon’s ultimate sales tactic
  • How business owners can reinvent themselves after a setback
  • Ramon shares what’s next for The Story of a Brand

In this episode…

Bankruptcy and other business-related setbacks are difficult to cope with, and many entrepreneurs struggle to get back on their feet. So, how can you recover from the mistakes you’ve made to achieve personal and professional success?

For starters, it’s essential to develop alternative perspectives to your experience. According to Ramon Vela, modifying your outlook opens up new opportunities for transformation that you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed. And by reinventing your personal and professional life to accommodate this shift, you can build a thriving new business.

Join Taja Dockendorf in today’s episode of the Brand Alchemist Podcast as she sits down with Ramon Vela, Founder of The Story of a Brand, to discuss overcoming business failures. Ramon delves into his worst business mistakes and the lessons he learned from them, the strategies for combating negativity, and how business owners can reinvent themselves following a setback.

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