The Alchemy of Mid-Day Squares

The Alchemy of Mid-Day Squares

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Jake Karls is the Co-founder and Rainmaker at Mid-Day Squares, which manufactures functional chocolate bars. Over the past four years, Jake and his team have built a fully-automated chocolate factory to sell Mid-Day’s products in over 4,500 stores across North America. As Rainmaker, he focuses on achieving growth by building relationships with investors, buyers, and journalists. Jake was named one of Forbes 2023 30 Under 30 for food and drink.

In this episode…

Building a CPG brand is often isolating and daunting. Cultivating a positive mindset is crucial to executing a brand vision. So how can you foster confidence and community to create a legacy for your brand?

As the leading face of his brand, Jake Karls demonstrates authenticity and spreads positivity by documenting every aspect of his entrepreneurial journey. To sustain a motivational mindset, Jake recommends attending company-wide therapy sessions periodically to enhance team communication and build an uplifting culture. Through transparency and empathy, you can elevate yourself and your brand.

In this episode of the Brand Alchemist Podcast, Taja Dockendorf interviews Jake Karls, Founder and Rainmaker at Mid-Day Squares, about his secret to developing an inspirational and prosperous brand. Jake talks about the impact of positivity and authenticity on brand promotion and growth, how he manifests positivity to scale his brand, and his bold promotion strategies.

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