The Alchemy of Meet Your Staff

The Alchemy of Meet Your Staff

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Charlie Weisman is the Founder of Staff, which reimagines household items with bold colors, unique materials, and pleasing characters. After being stuck in a tiny New York City apartment during the pandemic, he founded Staff with the mission of bringing joy to the mundane. The disruptive launch of Staff’s first product — a plunger with a smiley face — pays homage to Charlie’s grandfather, who had a lifelong career as a plumber. Charlie is a former Guinness Book of World Records judge and advertising executive.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Charlie Weisman’s background as an advertiser and Guinness World Records judge — and his inspiration for creating Staff
  • The various iterations of Staff’s plunger
  • How Charlie maintains sales with slow-moving products
  • What are the most pressing challenges in the CPG space?
  • Charlie shares how Staff generates brand awareness
  • Staff’s future product developments and brand-building endeavors

In this episode…

The lifestyle space is a broad category, and it’s often difficult to promote products and generate sales. This is especially the case with long-lasting, slower-moving products. How can you maintain relevance and gain traction in the market?

As an innovative visionary, Charlie Weisman created household essentials with distinct functions and fun displays. But durable products like toilet plungers and oven mitts are often one-time purchases, so he launched additional clever and creative products to elevate sales. Charlie recommends breaking into new markets to connect with a wider audience and initiate product demand.

Join Taja Dockendorf in today’s episode of the Brand Alchemist Podcast as she welcomes Charlie Weisman, the Founder of Staff, who shares the household brand’s unique story. Charlie talks about Staff’s product iterations, pressing challenges in the CPG space, and how he generates awareness for his brand.

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