The Alchemy of Mafia Movies, Manifestation, and Building Strong Teams

The Alchemy of Mafia Movies, Manifestation, and Building Strong Teams

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Nabeel Alamgir was born in Bangladesh and moved to Kuwait seven years later, then to Queens, New York, seven years after that. He began his career as the first busboy at the Bareburger flagship store in Astoria and spent his free time devising marketing objectives for the CEO. In 2019, Nabeel founded Lunchbox, the modern ordering system for restaurants to grow their online revenue, which was built out of the frustration of trying to build his own digital ordering system at Bareburger. Lunchbox has empowered over 2500 restaurant locations across the country, including Bareburger, Clean Juice, Fuku, Little Sesame, Papa Gino’s, Sticky’s Finger Joint, and Tacombi. To date, Lunchbox has saved restaurants over $43 million that would have otherwise gone to third-party ordering platforms.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Nabeel Alamgir shares his inspiration for Lunchbox’s branding
  • How Lunchbox experienced considerable growth
  • The importance of manifestation, positivity, and forgiveness in entrepreneurship
  • Nabeel’s approach to inspiring connection and growth among his restaurateurs
  • Advice for launching a brand and discovering your passion
  • What is Nabeel’s secret for recruiting great talent?
  • How Nabeel encourages an impactful and high-performing team culture
  • Greatest advice Nabeel has ever received

In this episode…

As a brand owner, teamwork and cooperation are crucial to generating an impact on your audience. So, how can you promote high-performance levels for authentic brand equity?

Nabeel Alamgir creates a productive and enriching team culture by offering his employees coaching sessions and initiating a space for high performers to thrive. He encourages collaboration among each team member to devise innovative and original ideas that foster growth and positivity. To initiate additional partnerships, Nabeel urges brand owners to support other businesses in their launch phases and help them convey their messages to their audiences.

In this episode of the Brand Alchemist Podcast, Taja Dockendorf chats with Nabeel Alamgir, CEO and Co-founder of Lunchbox, about building brand relationships and strong company culture. Nabeel shares his approach to inspiring growth and connection among his restaurateurs, advice for launching a brand and discovering your passion, and his secret for recruiting talented employees.

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