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Abraham Kamarck

The Alchemy of Ketchup, Veggies, and Perseverance

Abraham Kamarck is the Founder and CEO of True Made Foods, a brand that reinvents America’s favorite condiments using real fruits and vegetables instead of sugar. Before founding True Made Foods, Abraham served as a Naval aviator for eight years, where he ran operations and deployments around the world and worked in counter-terrorism. He also lived and worked as an entrepreneur in emerging and frontier markets, including China, Egypt, and Lebanon. Abraham launched multiple businesses in difficult environments and helped raise debt and equity capital in Africa and China.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Abraham Kamarck’s impetus for launching True Made Foods and how he creates his ketchup
  • How Abraham’s entrepreneurial journey prepared him to develop True Foods
  • The challenges of bootstrapping in the CPG industry
  • Advice for conducting product demonstrations and targeting the ideal market
  • True Made Foods’ product expansion process
  • Abraham shares how he manages his SKUs (stock keeping unit) 
  • Should CPG brands expand their product lines?
  • Abraham’s brand trust successes and failures
  • What’s in store for True Made Foods’ growth?

In this episode…

As a contemporary CPG brand with innovative products, it can be difficult to establish a presence in the market. With nationally-recognized brands using venture capital to surpass startups, how can you bootstrap to get your products into consumers’ hands?

Instead of purchasing ads and relying on influencers to market his products, Abraham Kamarck found success by conducting demonstrations and in-person tasting events. These initiatives allowed him to gather feedback from consumers and hone his brand for the ideal market. He advises other CPG startups to convey a story and research their market and competition to develop an authentic brand that positively impacts the consumer.

Join Taja Dockendorf in today’s episode of the Brand Alchemist Podcast as she talks with Abraham Kamarck, Founder and CEO of True Made Foods, about the importance of determination when launching a CPG brand. Abraham discusses the challenges of bootstrapping in the CPG industry, shares advice for conducting product demonstrations and targeting an ideal market, and how he manages his SKUs (stock keeping units).

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