The Alchemy of Haven’s Kitchen

The Alchemy of Haven’s Kitchen

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Alison Cayne is the Founder of Haven’s Kitchen, which produces globally-inspired fresh-made sauces. After teaching home cooking for over two decades and owning a cooking school and cafe for eight years, she launched a line of fresh sauces in pouches. Alison is the author of the critically-acclaimed book The Haven’s Kitchen Cooking School and has contributed to publications such as the New York Post, Forbes, Architectural Digest, and Food. She also hosts In the Sauce, a podcast about building CPG brands.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Alison Cayne shares her journey from home cooking to founding a CPG brand
  • Navigating sales channels for brand growth and expansion
  • How Alison evolves her brand with consumer behaviors
  • The impact of channel growth on product development and innovation
  • Educating consumers on product features
  • Alison’s greatest lessons in life and business

In this episode…

With CPG brands launching versatile products in multiple categories, founders must position these items strategically to capture consumers’ attention. But these marketing efforts must extend beyond in-store channels to accommodate evolving consumer behaviors. How can you navigate demands, product innovations, and brand positionings to scale and expand in a digitally-focused space?

With a line of diverse, homemade vegan sauces, cooking connoisseur Alison Cayne launched her products in multiple categories to emphasize the various features and teach consumers how to cook with them. She began collaborating with brands in similar categories to market her products and educate consumers. But with the introduction of digital channels, advertising exclusively in stores became difficult. Instead, Alison recommends integrating digital marketing with in-store discounts and incentives to streamline product innovation and expansion.

Tune in to this episode of the Brand Alchemist Podcast as Taja Dockendorf sits down with Alison Cayne, the Founder of Haven’s Kitchen, to discuss how she grew her brand through multiple sales channels. Alison shares her love for home cooking, how she educates consumers about her versatile products, and her greatest personal and professional lessons.

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