The Alchemy of Genius Juice

The Alchemy of Genius Juice

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Alex Bayer is the Co-founder and CEO of Genius Juice, the world’s first all-organic plant-based smoothie made from coconuts. After a friend offered him an organic coconut smoothie, he founded Genius Juice in 2014 with the goal of helping people reach higher levels of health and happiness. Before co-founding the smoothie brand, Alex served as the director of marketing and social media for VirginRaw Foods and the director and fundraising manager for nonprofit Karaoke For a Cure.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Alex Bayer conceptualized and scaled Genius Juice
  • Advice for maintaining product consistency throughout growth and production
  • Alex addresses current and evolving CPG trends
  • Genius Juice’s plans for future reinvention and growth
  • Top tips for launching a CPG brand and distributing products
  • Alex describes his experience on Shark Tank
  • What were the critical turning points in Alex’s entrepreneurial journey?

In this episode…

In a volatile economy, CPG brands face challenges scaling, generating profits, and boosting product visibility. So, how can you grow your brand amid increasing supply chain and retail costs?

After struggling to grow his organic smoothie brand and generate an ideal profit, Alex Bayer conceptualized an alternative product line. In the coming year, he plans to launch wellness shots focused on minimizing brain fog and improving energy. To achieve your target growth, Alex’s advice is to identify an optimal profit margin, conduct market research, and maintain product consistency. It’s also necessary to innovate and expand your product lines to optimize growth and meet demands.

Tune in to this episode of the Brand Alchemist Podcast as Taja Dockendorf sits down with Alex Bayer, Co-founder and CEO of Genius Juice, to talk about brand growth and innovation in a modern CPG landscape. Alex discusses current and evolving CPG trends, tips for launching a CPG brand and distributing products, and his company’s plans for future reinvention and growth.

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