The Alchemy of Building Beverage Brands

The Alchemy of Building Beverage Brands

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Jenny Bonchak is a national award-winning barista and the Founder of Slingshot Coffee Company — offering cold brew black coffee — and Bright Side Beverage Club, a sparkling water brand. She is also the Founder of Needs & Wants, a beverage company offering superfruit teas with natural antioxidants and prebiotics. With 15 years of experience crafting specialty coffee, Jenny founded Slingshot in 2012 after selling her car for $5,000.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Jenny Bonchak shares her background as a barista and how she founded her beverage brands
  • Jenny’s self-manufacturing process for her beverage brands
  • How Jenny’s companies pioneer new products
  • Educating consumers about specialty coffee
  • Needs & Wants’ purpose to develop products by women, for women
  • The challenges of building a woman-led business
  • How the CPG space has evolved to incorporate new opportunities
  • Advice for emerging CPG brands entering the beverage category

In this episode…

When it comes to coffee and other enjoyable beverages, the flavor profiles are often bland. For instance, cold brew coffee may be brewed hot and then diluted with milk and sugar. Similarly, sparkling water can taste metallic, leaving consumers with a dry mouth. Learn from a national award-winning barista about how she creates beverage brands that give consumers an amazing drinking experience.

Having spent 15 years focusing on palate development, Jenny Bonchak understands how to produce quality beverages. She sources specialty coffee from a direct trade model for authentic cold brew, offering multiple options for diverse preferences and flavorful beverages. Additionally, Jenny’s custom carbonation system and organically-sourced fruits and botanicals give her sparkling water a smooth and refreshing taste. Each product is crafted with the companies’ rooted values, allowing Jenny to influence her target audience. She encourages other beverage brands to recognize the value they add to their category so they can revolutionize the space and impact consumers’ lives.

In today’s episode of the Brand Alchemist Podcast, Taja Dockendorf is joined by Jenny Bonchak, Founder of Slingshot Coffee Company, Needs & Wants, and Bright Side Beverage Club. They discuss how she built multiple beverage brands from the ground up. Jenny also shares how she educates consumers about specialty coffee, her purpose to develop products by women, for women, and how the CPG space has evolved to incorporate new opportunities.

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