The Alchemy of Brides, Intimate Wellness, and Normalization

The Alchemy of Brides, Intimate Wellness, and Normalization

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Brittany Lo is the Founder and CEO of Beia, a beauty wellness brand that empowers women to indulge in self-care through a diverse line of clean beauty and wellness products. She founded Beia with the intention of encouraging women to feel and look their best while dismantling the stigma of indulgence. Brittany is also the Founder and CEO of Beautini, which provides hair and makeup services for weddings and events while addressing women’s intimate needs and personal skincare concerns.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Brittany Lo’s inspiration for founding her beauty companies and how she honed her services
  • How Brittany’s transition from Beautini to Beia informed her brand and product development
  • Normalizing sexual wellness and intimacy through innovative beauty products
  • The challenges of product-to-market launch
  • Brittany’s strategies for maximizing customer engagement
  • Advice for conducting market testing and research
  • Beia’s future products
  • Tips for entrepreneurs entering the beauty sector

In this episode…

When establishing a beauty brand, it’s important to evaluate consumer demands to hone your product. So, how can you develop an effective strategy for product-to-market launch?

With a beauty brand centered around sexual wellness and intimacy, Brittany Lo had to conduct specific and practical market research to pinpoint her customer’s precise concerns and develop products to meet their needs. She emphasizes the importance of conducting focus groups to address questions, generate product feedback, and build community. Brittany also recommends leveraging various social media platforms to involve customers in the product decision-making process.

In this episode of the Brand Alchemist Podcast, Taja Dockendorf chats with Brittany Lo, Founder and CEO of Beia, to talk about creating beauty products to address specific needs. Brittany explains how she utilizes beauty products to normalize sexual wellness and intimacy before discussing strategies for customer engagement and offering advice for conducting market testing and research.

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