The Alchemy of Before

The Alchemy of Before

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Steve Thorp is the Co-founder and CEO of Before Self Care Company, which manufactures custom, dentist-approved toothpaste made with clean ingredients and packaged in a 100% recyclable plant-based tube. As a serial entrepreneur, he has founded many influential brands, including Postmark Brewing and Vancouver Urban Winery. Steve’s experience in sales and marketing has provided him with a real-world perspective on developing meaningful brands with a lasting impact on people and the planet.

Jamie Collins is the Co-founder and CMO of Before and the Co-founder and Creative Director of Analog Design. For 25 years, he has designed and marketed iconic brands in multiple industries, including action sports, real estate, food and beverage, consumer products, fashion, technology, and tourism. Jamie’s dedication to healthy, active living helped him shape a unique vision for Before.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Steve Thorp and Jamie Collins talk about Before’s roots and their decision to produce toothpaste
  • How Before is disrupting the toothpaste industry
  • Creating a unique, innovative brand experience — and positioning Before as a household staple for self-care
  • Jamie and Steve’s experience developing and launching plant-based plastic
  • The challenges of competing against legacy toothpaste brands
  • Steve and Jamie talk about their most gratifying moments and impart advice for other disruptive brands

In this episode…

The toothpaste industry is largely unexplored, with little to no product innovation. Toothpaste manufactured with petroleum-based chemicals and bleach dominate the market. Yet self-care and healthy living is becoming a priority, so consumers are seeking natural products made with clean ingredients. What can you learn from one of the first all-natural, environmentally-conscious brands dominating the toothpaste business?

Before’s products are crafted intentionally with quality, functional ingredients and packaged using plant-based plastics, encouraging consumers to prioritize oral health with an enjoyable experience. From simplistic yet heavily-branded packaging to purifying toothpaste customized for consumer needs, Before provides an authentic value proposition. Founders Steve Thorp and Jamie Collins are passionate about consumer and environmental health and inspire other product disruptors to observe customer feedback and take responsibility for their environmental impact to build an impactful brand.

Listen to this episode of the Brand Alchemist Podcast as Taja Dockendorf invites Before Co-founders Steve Thorp and Jamie Collins to chat about revolutionizing toothpaste. Together, they discuss creating a unique and innovative brand experience, how they developed and launched plant-based plastic, and the challenges of competing against established toothpaste brands.

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