The Alchemy of Beans

The Alchemy of Beans

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Sarah Wallace is the Founder and CEO of The Good Bean, a female-owned business making tasty and nutritious bean protein snacks. Through the acquisition of Beanitos chips, The Good Bean has become one of the largest bean-based brands in the country. Born and raised in India, Sarah is passionate about the diversity of food, culture, and sustainable agriculture. She is also a Founding Member of (Included) CPG, which advances diverse representation in the CPG industry.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Sarah Wallace’s entry into the CPG industry, and The Good Bean’s genesis and evolution
  • How Sarah navigated acquiring Beanitos during the pandemic
  • The category distinctions between The Good Bean and Beanitos
  • Sarah shares her prevailing challenges in the CPG industry and her experience as a first-generation immigrant woman
  • What is (Included) CPG and what is its mission?
  • Sarah reflects on her most defining mistakes and triumphs
  • Beanitos and The Good Bean’s future product innovations
  • How to generate consumer awareness

In this episode…

Historically, the CPG industry has competed for consumer attention, with innovation focused on profitability rather than functionality. With so many trends, profit-driven brands, and industrialized products in the market, how can you deliver value and encourage diverse innovation?

CPG veteran and diversity advocate Sarah Wallace says that authentic innovation occurs within niche product categories. Her purpose and value-based approach to innovation in the bean category allows her to market culturally diverse products and pioneer original categories. You can facilitate meaningful innovation by supporting brands with underrepresented founders who bring unique perspectives and recipes to the CPG space.

In this episode of the Brand Alchemist Podcast, Taja Dockendorf welcomes Sarah Wallace, Founder and CEO of The Good Bean and CEO of Beanitos, to talk about disruptive innovation in the CPG space. Sarah explains how to generate consumer awareness, the category distinctions between her bean brands, and The Good Bean’s acquisition of Beanitos.

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