The Alchemy of Atomic Coffee Roasters

The Alchemy of Atomic Coffee Roasters

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Logan Mahoney is the Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Atomic Coffee Roasters, a North Shore-based coffee roaster, wholesaler, and retailer. In his role, he manages grocery, office, and contract manufacturing. With a passion for business management, Logan began working in customer service before becoming a Business Development Manager for both Atomic Coffee Roasters and Cold Craft Juicery. He holds a BS in business management from Bentley University.

Spencer Mahoney is the VP of Operations and Marketing at Atomic Coffee Roasters, where he oversees and coordinates numerous selling channels, hundreds of product variants, manufacturing, and marketing efforts. Before joining Atomic, he worked in various social media roles and founded an online coaching business training runners and obstacle course racing athletes.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Logan and Spencer Mahoney share Atomic Coffee Roasters’ founding story
  • How Spencer and Logan’s backgrounds influence Atomic Coffee Roasters’ performance
  • Balancing operations as a manufacturer and a brand
  • What makes Atomic unique in the CPG industry?
  • How Atomic innovates prevailing trends in the coffee and beverage space
  • Strategies for building a local DTC brand and optimizing customer experiences
  • Atomic Coffee Roasters’ future plans

In this episode…

Handling operations as a manufacturer and DTC brand is complex, as it involves overseeing production, marketing, and product development. So, how can you streamline your processes while ensuring top-notch customer service and engagement?

With a coffee cafe and DTC brand, Logan and Spencer Mahoney are constantly innovating products, customizing labels and packages, updating equipment, and optimizing marketing campaigns to remain flexible and anticipate consumer trends. They’ve also created an informative coffee roasting experience that gives customers the opportunity to curate customized beverages, ensuring an impeccable reputation as a local brand.

In today’s episode of the Brand Alchemist Podcast, Taja Dockendorf welcomes Logan and Spencer Mahoney of Atomic Coffee Roasters to talk about their experiences running a manufacturer and brand. Together, they explain what makes Atomic unique in the CPG space, how the brand innovates prevailing trends in the coffee and beverage space, and strategies for building a local CPG brand and optimizing customer experiences.

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