The Alchemy of Atlantic Sea Farms

The Alchemy of Atlantic Sea Farms

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Briana Warner is the CEO of Atlantic Sea Farms, which creates innovative products from sustainably-farmed sea greens. In 2022, the brand received the Fast Company Brands That Matter award. As CEO, Briana has forged a path for seaweed aquaculture by working with fishermen to grow and create national demand for kelp as a climate change adaptation strategy. She has received various awards, including the Eating Well Food Hero and SFA Business Leadership awards. Before Atlantic Sea Farms, Briana served several tours as a diplomat in the US Foreign Service and created the first economic development programming suite at the Island Institute.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Briana Warner explains her efforts to revitalize Maine’s coast by farming kelp
  • How Atlantic Sea Farms supports independent fishermen
  • The evolution of kelp farming
  • Advancing farming practices and decelerating climate change for the future
  • Atlantic Sea Farms’ innovation pipeline
  • Briana’s instrumental mistakes and defining moments during her entrepreneurial journey
  • How Briana cooks with kelp

In this episode…

Conventional CPG companies often structure their brands around their products, integrating a mission as the derivative instead of the driving force. Today’s guest has pioneered kelp products by executing a mission to expand the fishing and farming industries for environmental health and sustainability. What can you observe from her efforts?

Maine’s fishing industry relies on consistent lobster harvesting. Yet the volatile nature of Maine’s waters places family fishermen and the coastline at risk. Purpose-driven innovator Briana Warner has created a supplemental income source for fishermen by initiating a demand for regenerative kelp, helping offset climate change for future generations. Accordingly, she has restored a precarious industry while producing healthy kelp products for consumers.

In this episode of the Brand Alchemist Podcast, Taja Dockendorf welcomes Briana Warner, CEO of Atlantic Sea Farms, who shares her mission to offset climate change and transform the fishing industry. Briana explains how Atlantic Sea Farms supports independent farmers, how kelp farming has evolved, and her company’s innovation pipeline.

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