The Alchemy of Actual Veggies

The Alchemy of Actual Veggies

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Hailey Swartz is the Co-founder and Co-CEO of Actual Veggies, a brand that’s redefining the plant-based protein industry with its line of veggie-only burgers. The quarter-pound, chef-created veggie burger patties are made with fresh vegetables, grains, and a signature spice blend. Each burger variety holds a vibrant color indicative of the vegetables used.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Hailey Swartz shares Actual Veggies’ origin story and her career background
  • The challenges Hailey faced launching and growing her brand during the pandemic
  • How Actual Veggies recreates traditional veggie burgers and markets them to consumers
  • Evolving trends in the plant-based market
  • Hailey talks about Actual Veggies’ innovative product lines
  • What are Hailey’s proudest moments — and how does she gain publicity for her brand?
  • Advice for building a groundbreaking natural brand
  • Actual Veggies’ current and future goals

In this episode…

Plant-based and veggie burgers are garnering widespread acclaim in the CPG space. Yet many of these burgers are mass-produced with preservatives, creating chalky and dry textures. As consumers become increasingly health-conscious, they’re seeking plant-based burgers made with fresh ingredients. So how can you pivot to align with these evolving demands?

When launching and positioning a plant-based CPG brand, it’s essential to consider each grocery store’s trends and layouts to market accordingly. For instance, some buyers don’t want to integrate veggie burgers with the grocery store’s meat section, whereas others are receptive to incorporating clean, whole foods into their diets. Hailey Swartz conducts AB testing and collaborates with grocers to develop and promote her plant-based burgers with real veggies you can see and taste, meeting consumers where they are in the process. She advises assessing competition, opportunities, market share, and consumer and investor feedback to innovate in the dynamic CPG landscape.

Actual Veggies’ Co-founder and Co-CEO, Hailey Swartz, is Taja Dockendorf’s guest on today’s episode of the Brand Alchemist Podcast. They talk about developing, marketing, and selling an all-natural veggie burger brand. Hailey also addresses evolving trends in the plant-based market, the challenges of launching and growing a brand during the pandemic, and how she recreates traditional veggie burgers.

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