Alchemy of Kevin’s Natural Foods

Alchemy of Kevin’s Natural Foods

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Kevin McCray is the Co-founder and COO of Kevin’s Natural Foods, a line of healthy entrées, sauces, and seasoning blends making clean eating taste delicious and align with busy lifestyles. He began as COO of CalChef Foods before forming a partnership with renowned entrepreneur Dan Costa and creating Kevin’s Natural Foods. After battling a severe autoimmune disorder, Kevin cured his condition through the Paleo diet and developed Kevin’s Natural Foods to help others eat clean.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Kevin McCray talks about Kevin’s Natural Foods’ beginnings and its growth trajectory
  • The benefits and challenges of selling in the refrigerated space
  • How product iterations and focus groups drive growth for Kevin’s Natural Foods
  • Leveraging consumer feedback for innovation
  • Kevin’s most defining mistakes and major successes
  • What has driven momentum for Kevin’s Natural Foods post-pandemic?
  • Kevin addresses his brand’s future product expansions

In this episode…

As natural food and lifestyles become increasingly prevalent, consumers are recognizing that meal prepping is time-consuming. Many brands have developed packaged meals to address this challenge, but they often lack flavor. How can you encourage consumers to incorporate fresh foods into their diets through tasty and convenient options?

Health-conscious entrepreneur Kevin McCray has developed a line of clean, delicious, and practical sous vide meat dishes. As an innovator in the grocery store’s refrigerated aisle, he says that this space provides an opportunity to target natural shoppers through appropriate pricing and minimalist packaging. Additionally, you can gather pivotal feedback through transparent focus groups that allow consumers to voice their concerns and preferences. These may include digital meetings and surveys with comprehensive, probing questions, helping you refine your products for the customer.

In this episode of the Brand Alchemist Podcast, Co-founder and COO of Kevin’s Natural Foods, Kevin McCray, joins Taja Dockendorf to discuss how he meets consumer demands in the natural food space. Kevin shares how he leverages consumer feedback for product iterations, the benefits and challenges of selling in retail, and his brand’s future product innovations.

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