#MondayMotivation // May 29th

“We are off and running after a long weekend, and a short week ahead and I totally have Summer on the mind…”

It was colder than I think we all would have liked (on the East Coast) this past weekend but we made the best of it. From bachelorette parties, for birdwatching, to birthday parties, to boating, to BBQ’s and brunch with friends the team hit the weekend alliterations hard.

But it’s Monday (Tuesday by the time you read this) so “back to life, back to reality, back to the here and now, yeah” (RIP Soul II Soul).  Here are a few articles you might have missed last week to blast off with this week and get #motivated!

@ValicoGroup Newsletter for Woman Leaders
My friend Seth sent out a newsletter that really struck a cord with me as both a female entrepreneur, investor in brands and business owner. Check out the metrics above, and follow Valico Group to more ongoing wisdom on business insights, and how to be less of an asshole when it comes to running a business. Now go kick butt ladies, invest in brands you believe in, create the ones you want, and make no apologies!

Try this tonight!! (Powell & Mahoney)
So the week is short, however, we all know those can sometimes feel the longest as we anticipate playing catch-up, and the next weekends plans. So, to make this week a bit easier to handle might I suggest the following Watermelon Mint Margarita get you over the finish line? You can hashtag yourself #blessed after you have tried it!

Are you a hipster, an emo, or maybe a bohemian millennial?
A quick quiz while nobody is looking (BuzzFeed)
Yup, I was easily sucked into this BuzzFeed quiz (like most) and wanted to pass along the bounty of useless knowledge that I found enjoyable. I am in fact a Fashionista Millenial which I find hilarious as I am just over the age bracket to be one of the cool kids and prefer work (acceptable) loungewear as a uniform of choice (I am no stranger to ponchos and leggings). Regardless I am thrilled to find out that at least my Instagram alter-ego is trying to keep up with the proverbial Mr. and Mrs. Hipster von Jones’.

Why Designers Need to Start Thinking of Themselves as Leaders (the Dieline)
While a bit of an older article I thought it ripe time to explore this topic a bit further. I started as a designer and became a strategic leader and expect nothing less of my team. They are all leaders, strategists and abundantly creative in their roles, this I know is not the norm, but a new creative normal I feel is necessary to our rapidly changing workplace and culture. This article touches on some interesting points and also inspires me to want to raise this topic again with future articles. Stay tuned for more, for now, ponder the read!

Happy week ahead to all.
Taja and Co.