YO! Bar



We faced the challenge of rebranding and elevating YUMSTER YO! BAR’s packaging and visual identity to stand out in the bustling and vibrant snack bar market. 

The current packaging, although functional, needed more wow factor to compete at a national level while enticing both parents and kids. It also needed to be more consistent in size, reduce excessive packaging, and create real, memorable character uniqueness.


  • Creative Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Creative
  • Packaging Production


In order to create next-level packaging that wows consumers on the shelf and aligns with the product’s taste and clean ingredient profile, we knew packaging had to convey trust: for parents to easily recognize clean and simple ingredients, while kids should trust that it’s going to be delicious and fun. 

Grounded in playful illustrations and personified characters reflecting an on-the-go, healthy lifestyle, the goal was to create fun packaging that screamed uniqueness and effectively communicated the product’s superior and minimal ingredients in a crowded snack bar space. 

We made sure the rebrand was fun, with revamped illustrations and bright colors. Once we caught parents’ and kids’ attention, we guided them with clear and prominent messaging: a few quality ingredients you recognize that make this snack simply delicious.