The Nature Conservancy



The Nature Conservancy (TNC) faced the immense challenge of addressing the existential crisis of climate change as part of their mission to conserve the Earth’s lands and waters. TNC Maine, tasked with this monumental initiative, sought our expertise to frame opportunities for tackling the overwhelming problem and to create a compelling case for support. The mandate was to spark hope among targeted donors, providing them with a clear understanding of the urgent need for support in combating climate change.


  • Campaign Strategy
  • Campaign Creative
  • Copywriting
  • Production Support


In response to this challenge, we collaborated with TNC Maine to interpret the insights shared by TNC experts. A multifaceted solution emerged as we created a four-part logo for the “Join Maine” initiative. This logo anchored a four-chapter story highlighting Maine’s forests, rivers, oceans, and air as a model laboratory for the campaign. 

The materials incorporated inspirational quotes and imagery, offsetting scientific synopses of tactics designed to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Human profiles of key players were added to put a personal touch on the campaign, emphasizing the role each individual can play in securing a better future for all. 

The resulting resource energized TNC’s development team, providing them with powerful tools to engage individual donors and make a compelling case for support. The ongoing initiative received an enthusiastic response from donors, and we’re proud to share that TNC Maine exceeded their fundraising goals with our support.