The Better Fish



The Better Fish, under Australis Aquaculture, sought a creative partner capable of capturing consumer attention while aligning with its mission of providing sustainable seafood for all. 

The challenge was twofold: to create brand awareness and secure business partnerships that supported The Better Fish’s commitment to sustainability.

The new brand identity and packaging design needed to communicate taste, versatility, and display key health benefits in order todrive sales and growth while also representing the behind the scenes advances of the industry’s cleanest aquaculture practices.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Creative
  • Brand Messaging
  • Packaging Production
  • Packaging Photography
  • Website Creative
  • Website Development


As we immersed ourselves in The Better Fish’s mission, diving deep to unearth the brand’s core concept, we found inspiration in the existing headline: “Better Fish, Better World.” This became our guiding principle, shaping the entire brand strategy and communications approach. 

We crafted a revised strategy that utilized this tagline as the lens through which all messaging and tactics were filtered. A strict messaging hierarchy was established, prioritizing clear taste and health benefits across all communication channels – packaging, website, and social media campaigns. 

This appetizing narrative not only attracted customers but also educated them about the advanced aquaculture practices that help sustainably feed a growing world. Through cohesive messaging, clear on-pack call-outs and photography, and a compelling story, consumers can now feel good about choosing The Better Fish and supporting sustainable seafood practices.