Hungry for packaging that aligned with them and their brand after 10 years in business, Soom Foods craved a rebrand. 

Much of the brand’s success came from its versatility and culinary appreciation. However, by 2020, the business realized it needed to modernize its position in the market in part by shifting communications to focus on the fact that tahini is a plant-powered superfood.

The goal was to create elevated packaging with a clear information hierarchy to convey essential information about the brand and its tahini products.


  • Strategy & Positioning
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Creative
  • Packaging Production
  • Illustrations
  • Website Creative
  • Website Development


Our strategic approach first included exploring color palettes and visual concepts. We grounded the look of the redesign with an illustration that captured the essence of tahini through alluring drips adorned with touches of gold, symbolizing the premium quality of the sesame seeds. The redesigned packaging also highlighted the versatility of Soom’s suite of products, encouraging consumers the freedom to drip, drizzle, or devour their Soom in any way they liked! 

The rejuvenated brand identity seamlessly transitioned onto Soom’s website, perfectly aligning with its culinary-focused ethos. The final result is a brand with new life that shows Soom’s unwavering quality but also positions tahini as the star ingredient it deserves to be.

"I have peace-of-mind with Pulp+Wire as our brand partners. They are consummate professionals, taking the time to understand us, our consumers and our categories to ensure that our products are positioned for success. Soom worked with Pulp+Wire on a complete rebrand, followed by a new product line, and we'll go back to them for Soom's future branding needs."

-Amy Zitelman, Founder