The challenge at hand was to craft an accessible and holistic portrayal of Maine’s Seafood Economic Accelerator, aimed at reinforcing its mission of inspiring economic growth, workforce development, and greater resiliency within the state’s seafood economy. The primary messaging goals identified were twofold: firstly, to educate audiences about the imperative and nature of the initiative, and secondly, to inspire its advancement across all audiences and industry sectors.


  • Discovery & Brand Audit
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Messaging
  • Website Creative
  • Digital Collateral


To address this challenge, a comprehensive solution was implemented. This involved the development of a brand identity, messaging strategy, web updates, and digital collateral that collectively realized the envisioned accessible and holistic portrait of the Seafood Economic Accelerator. The crafted materials not only educated diverse audiences about the initiative’s significance and purpose but also served to inspire engagement and support from various sectors. 

The result was an effective means by which Sea Maine could successfully engage new audiences and advocates, fostering a greater understanding and commitment to the accelerator’s mission.