Nonesuch Brewing



Nonesuch River Brewing embarked on a mission to crystallize a brand identity that mirrored their brick-and-mortar brewery’s vibrant spirit and patrons’ passion. The challenge lay in capturing a brand essence that not only sparkled on the shelves but also encapsulated what set Nonesuch apart within their home state and America’s Craft Beer Capital (nearby Portland, Maine). Our task was to create a visual identity that reflected the brewmaster’s discipline and the robust support of the local community.


  • Creative Strategy
  • Packaging Creative
  • Packaging Production
  • Brand Merch + Tap Handle Creative


We began by crafting a comprehensive brand vision guide, aligning with the “less is more” philosophy of Nonesuch’s beers. The focus was elevating the key qualities that made their beers stand out. Inspired by the mythological namesake river, short and poetic messages about the signature line of beers were integrated into the design. The color-coded cans adopted a simple yet elegant style, making it easy for consumers to pick out their favorite when on tap or canned. We designed the can creative to be flexible to feature the brewery’s core offerings and fun seasonals that are regularly released.

The final aesthetic, tone, and vibe of the new cans and copy resonated with the three founders’ engaging, balanced, and fun personalities. We successfully shaped a new vision for the Nonesuch brand, capturing its unpretentious essence in a way that appealed to loyal patrons and craft beer enthusiasts.