MingsBings’ star chef knew his rice-wrapped recreation of a Chinese classic street food had the power to stop audiences in the grocery aisle. The challenge was how to break out from the freezer case with a look and message that let shoppers know they could have a quick, convenient meal with the taste they craved and better ingredients they could feel good about.


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  • Creative Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Creative
  • Brand Messaging
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A competitive review revealed that many current players were peddling not-so-convenient foods with high calories and questionable quality and taste. We identified a white space for the brand to move into between better health and innovation that only a master chef could fill. 

And with an audience carving quick snacks and meals with elevated ingredients and flavor, we opted for a rich and real ingredient story on the front of the pack and backed by shoutouts about the man who mastered the art of sourcing and shaping a product with roots in his past, Ming Tsai. 

East-West nods, framing a bold design worthy of a true breakout brand from the master of Asian American cuisine, promises a healthier and tastier frozen food.