Magnolia Bakery



Magnolia Bakery, a brand iconically rooted in New York City and adored worldwide, requested Pulp+Wire’s CPG expertise to help launch its first offering to retail audiences. 

Expanding past its pop culture allure and global brick-and-mortar locations, Magnolia’s inventive evolution on their best-selling Banana Pudding needed to make a splash on grocery store shelves now as cookies while staying on brand in a new market. 

We were tasked with a dual objective: craft packaging creative to capture the enthusiasm of devoted Magnolia Bakery aficionados enticing a retail audience who knows nothing about Magnolia Bakery or its legendary Banana Pudding.


  • Creative Strategy
  • Packaging Creative
  • Packaging Photography
  • Packaging Production


While Magnolia baked up, tested, and perfected their Banana Pudding Cookies, we cooked up a phased strategy for our packaging creative approach that would establish a functional design system.

Following the definition of a strategic design roadmap, which was centered on driving appetite appeal, we created the brand’s first CPG packaging designs. 

The Banana Pudding Cookie creative had to capture the bakery’s whimsical feel while adhering to strict brand guidelines, ensuring there was no difference between shelves and stores. Another consideration? Position the product to drive trial and velocity with both the brand’s die-hard fans and new customers alike! 

*All images and video courtesy of Magnolia Bakery