Made with Local



Ten years in and looking to expand their reach into the U.S. market, Made with Local reached out to us to closely examine their logo and packaging. In need of an evolution, the assignment was clear: keep the successful elements, rethink how their brand could work better, and feel more authentic to who they are as a B-Corp-certified and community-focused company.


  • Creative Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Creative
  • Packaging Production
  • Website Creative
  • Website Development


Our assignment began by comprehending the brand’s decade-long journey and devising a strategic approach to alleviate customer pain points. 

We started the transformation by refining the visual identity, enhancing the existing logo, and translating the updated aesthetic into package design and production. The original packaging, though charming, had caused customer confusion regarding flavors, local ingredients, and brand identification. This challenge was overcome by redesigning the packaging with a renewed focus on clarity.

Incorporating familiar kraft texture maintained brand recognition, while strategic placement elevated the brand name and the phrase “REAL FOOD BAR.” Illustrations of ingredients and Nova Scotia’s landscapes adorned the packaging, emphasizing the brand’s local origin. 

Moreover, fine details like depicting the founder’s family homestead showcased the brand’s hyperlocal ethos. Made with Local successfully communicated its identity, products, and origin while maintaining an authentic local essence amid their ongoing growth and expansion through the synergistic fusion of branding, packaging, and website.

“Our rebrand project with Pulp+Wire has finally brought the vision, colour, and storytelling to our packaging that we'd been wanting to express for so many years. And most importantly, it's had an incredible impact on our retail & D2C velocities 🚀”

-Sheena Russell, Founder