Luke’s Lobster



Leveraging the success of their authentic lobster shacks all over the world, Maine-based Luke’s Lobster asked us to help them stand out on store shelves to grow their consumer base and seek new lobster-loving customers.


  • Creative Strategy
  • Packaging Creative
  • Packaging Production


Sticking with their primary brand colors and well-recognized logo for the packaging was crucial for creating a connection for existing customers so they could easily find the products amongst the competitors on the shelf. 

We highlighted the brand’s freshness and uncompromising quality by incorporating cooked and prepared product photography. Key brand benefits were woven throughout the messaging with phrases such as “Traceable back to the harbor it was caught” and “Know Your Seafood” to emphasize the brand’s integrity and sustainable mission.

Our work ensures the brand’s creative positioning remains consistent and elevated as Luke’s Lobster expands its product lines, sales channels, and distribution footprint.