Love Beets



Love Beets faced a challenge in redesigning their already fun and playful packaging to make it more consumer and shopping-friendly. The complexity was heightened by the diverse range of product lines, including Perfectly Picked, Marinated, Whole, Sliced, and Juices. The task involved not only maintaining the brand’s playful essence but also improving the practical aspects of shopper engagement and differentiation across their varied product offerings.


  • Creative Strategy
  • Packaging Creative
  • Packaging Production


Our solution for Love Beets centered on a refined yet still fun packaging approach. We strategically addressed the challenge by enhancing shopper wayfinding and differentiating SKUs on the shelf. The redesign maintained the brand’s playful appeal while incorporating elements that facilitated a more intuitive shopping experience. The result was a harmonious balance between visual appeal and practicality, ensuring that Love Beets’ diverse product lines were not only delightful but also easily navigable for consumers.