Living Nutz



Living Nutz, a vibrant family-owned brand, faced the challenge of revamping their product line, specifically the Sprouted Nutz and sought out our expertise in the snack category. 

Seeking a fresh, retro-inspired look, the challenge was to infuse the brand with an authentic and groovy identity that stood out in the nut and nut butter space. The goal was not just a product redesign but a complete transformation of the brand and its identity, turning a simple project into a fun and unexpected journey.


  • Creative Strategy
  • Packaging Creative
  • Packaging Production


With bold pops of color and a retro deep dive vibe, our team worked their magic to create a more authentic version of Living Nutz. 

Utilizing touches of die-cut film and metalized gold, the brand and packaging popped into the nut and nut butter landscape. The end result is a funky, revamped brand and packaging that captures the spirit of nut butters and nuts. Most importantly, it echoed Living Nutz’s core values of ingredient integrity and customer respect. 

From blending in the background to standing out on the shelf, Living Nutz isn’t just nutty about nuts; the brand and packaging take you on a nutty adventure with dialed-up colors, messaging, and fun.