Lasting Joy Brewery



In a crowded craft beer space, the new-to-market Lasting Joy Brewery needed to make its mark to stand out on shelves and in beer lovers’ hearts. 

How can we show and tell the story of a brewery in the heart of the Hudson Valley meant to inspire the lasting joy found there?


  • Creative Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Creative
  • Packaging Production
  • Website Creative
  • Website Development


We knew a singular focus was needed to tell a story that embraced four very different styles of beers brewed from the ingredients and spirit born in one very special brewery. And that Lasting Joy’s brand identity needed to shine online and from the face of every can that carried the taste of that place as well.

To address this challenge, we brought in Lasting Joy’s signature barn to become the iconic anchor for the brand. A playful illustrated portrait took center stage, set against shifting valleys and hills featuring the river, fields, forests, and water tower – cherished landmarks in the Hudson Valley. Color-keying was strategically applied to each scene, emphasizing the signature ingredients and styles that defined Lasting Joy’s diverse taste range. 

The result was a brand identity that encapsulated the rich flavors and paid homage to the Hudson Valley’s landscape through distinctive color keying and a unique diamond shape. This approach created brand consistency with a creative twist, making Lasting Joy a standout beer that resonates with the locals and beyond.