Kate’s Real Food: Social Campaign



Shaking Up the Snack Bar Aisle

To cut through the noise of the crowded snack bar space, Kate’s Real Food sought to communicate its delicious taste, satisfying texture, and real ingredients through an eyebrow-raising concept – We Look Better Naked. With this being their first-ever investment in a full-scale campaign, the brand was ready to set the record straight and prove its superiority.


  • Campaign Strategy Development
  • Content Photography
  • Organic Social Media Content
  • Influencer Partnerships
  • Social Giveaways
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Media Creative
  • Landing Page Creative & Development

Baring It All

After establishing the campaign’s strategic framework, Pulp+Wire engaged in a multi-tactic approach to flaunt the brand’s assets. We leveraged organic social content, a new website landing page, email marketing, influencer partnerships, social giveaways, and paid media creative to communicate the campaign message. 

Working to evoke feelings of satisfaction and pleasure, we leaned into double entendres and provocative language to further support the campaign tagline while driving awareness and consideration. Above all, the first month of the campaign led to the brand’s strongest month of sales to date.

“Not only is this campaign edgy and fun, but it’s about discovering what’s beyond the wrapper; a similar philosophy that’s deeply rooted in my lifestyle – appreciating the simple things in life like nature and prioritizing chasing those experiences over the next trending thing.”

Dylan Efron, campaign content creation partner and outdoor enthusiast

These Bars Turn Heads

Throughout the campaign, we successfully reached new audiences while proving how Kate’s Real Food stands out from the rest of the snack bar aisle.

Stripping Down To the Good Stuff

In showing off the taste, texture, and personality that Kate’s Real Food was looking highlight within the assets created, we were able to elevate the brand’s creative and garner an 8.03% average Instagram in-feed engagement rate.