Good Natured Brand



Good Natured Brand’s original founder, Kate Perrin, was determined to offer everyone chemical-free cleaning and skincare products and was excited to grow beyond the brand’s humble farmers market origins. But how could it stand out and capture the attention of the growing audience seeking green cleaning products in physical stores and online?


  • Creative Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Creative
  • Packaging Production


Our creative team eagerly embraced the opportunity to show and tell Good Natured Brand’s full product line its message of clean home, clean ingredients, clean life.

Opting for a pure white background, we designed a clean canvas highlighting the products’ functionality and star ingredients. Thoughtfully chosen names like “Lemon Love,” “Lucky Lavender,” and “Rosemary Revival” complemented soft colors and botanical accents, adorning carefully sourced packaging in the form of tins, bottles, and bags. Front-facing windows on select packaging reinforced the brand’s commitment to transparency, boldly declaring that Good Natured’s products have nothing to hide.

The understated design strategy swiftly set Good Natured apart in a crowded and competitive market. The brand’s focused vision carved a clear path connecting with health-conscious consumers in the natural foods market. This alignment between product ethos and consumer values was evident in glowing website testimonials and Good Natured’s successful placement in reputable outlets like Whole Foods, regional supermarkets, and local specialty stores. The positive feedback and increased presence demonstrated that sometimes, a refined design is the most effective way for a brand to create the space it needs to thrive and grow.